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Goessel USD 411

Jr./Sr. High


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Student Expectations:

I expect you to be here!

I expect you to bring your computer, notes, paper, calculator, and pencil. 

     There may be other items throughout the year, but I will let you know when those times arise.         Tardies will be given to those who repeatedly forget materials for class.

I expect you to try your hardest.

I expect you to be honest, especially about your work.

I expect you to take responsibility for your own work and your own behavior.

I expect you to be prepared for class each day including having your homework finished.

I expect you to ask questions.

I expect you to be respectful of me and your classmates.

I expect you to be a positive influence in class.


What You Can Expect of Me:

I will be prepared every day to give you the best possible lesson.

I will treat you with respect and honesty.

I will be available to help all of you whenever you need extra help.

I will try my hardest.


My Schedule:

Except for Tuesday mornings when I have staff meetings before school, I plan to be in my room at the junior high by 7:20 every morning.


8:00 – 8:46       7th Math

8:49 – 9:35       Math Planning Time

9:38 – 10:24     8th Math

10:27 – 11:15  Junior High/High School Library

11:30 – 2:45     Elementary school library

3:00 – 3:25       Academic Skills

After school times will be flexible between both buildings.


I am open to scheduling specific meetings at other times when needed.


What to Bring to Class:



Notebook paper

Calculator (phones may NOT be used as calculators)


Other math items as needed


Class Rules:








Be respectful to every person and his/her materials in this classroom.  All rules fall under this statement.  I want you to enjoy coming to our classroom and we’ll try to have some fun this year, but when it’s time to listen and time to work, I expect you to do your best.


Detentions will be given to students who earn them.  Due to possible transportation issues, students will have 36 hours to serve detentions before missed detentions will be reported to Mr. Boden.  Detentions will start at fifteen minutes but may grow longer if needed.  Students will be allowed to work on school work during detentions but not games or activities on their computers or phones unless it relates to an assignment.


During class time, if a student needs time to refocus on what we are doing in class, he or she will be asked to go to the “Refocus Table”.  At the table, the student will be asked to fill out some information about his or her behavior.  Once the paper is completed, the student will be allowed to return to his or her seat.  If the student is not able to refocus in the classroom, he or she will be asked to go to Mr. Lindeman, Mrs. Duerksen, or Mrs. Sells’ room to fill out the paperwork.  If he or she still refuses to complete the paperwork in order to return to my classroom, he or she will visit Mr. Boden.  We want to give students an opportunity to refocus without getting detentions or office referrals.


If a student becomes dysregulated, he/she may use "The Nest" as a quiet place to relax and become regulated.  Students may ask to visit "The Nest", or a staff member may recommend that a student use "The Nest".  "The Nest" is not a punishment, and no discipline will be given to any student who needs to use "The Nest".  Students will be expected to make up any missed work while being outside of the classroom.


Assignment Format:

Even though most math assignments will be done on Big Ideas Math, you will still be expected to turn in your work for most assignments.  When turning in your work, you will need to include three pieces of information at the top right hand corner of the page: Name, Date, and Assignment.  It is important to have all three parts so that we can keep track of any back assignments.




All assignments will be posted on the school website.  Click on the Junior High Math section of the website.  Assignments will be on the site for one month before they are replaced with updated assignments.  The purpose of putting assignments on the website is to provide students and parents with access to class activities being done when students are absent. 


Because all assignments will be posted on Big Ideas Math and the school website, we will not use Google Classroom unless the need arises due to long term absences, student quarantines, etc.


Weighted Grading:

Grades in 8th grade math will be weighted according to importance.  Tests will be 60% of the total grade, and daily assignments will be 40% of the total grade.


All grades will be entered as percentages.  Therefore, every assignment and test will be listed in the grade book as being out of one hundred points.


Late Assignments:

Assignments that are turned in late will be subject to the following penalties:

One day late – 5% reduction to grade

More than one day late – 10% reduction to grade and the student will be given a “0” for the assignment until it is completed.  Academic detentions may be given until the assignment is completed and turned in.


Once a student reaches two or more missing assignments, the student will be asked to attend academic detention until all assignments are turned in.


Exceptions will be made for illness.



All assignments may be corrected.  However, you are responsible for deciding when to do corrections and for seeking extra help if needed.  You will need to let me know when you want to correct an assignment so that I can make it available again to you on Big Ideas Math.  Corrections need to be done within one week of the original assignment date.


No corrections will be allowed on tests.  However, students may take a ten question post-test.  The number of correct answers on the post-test will be added as percentage points to the original test percent.  Post-tests must be taken within one week of the original test date.