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Facility Study/Bond Issue

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May 28, 2014

....or at least it must be his next of kin!  There is a massive fearsome beast that has been unleashed downstairs in the old art room of the JRHI/HS that has a striking resemblence to Godzilla!  Its articulated feet and long angular snout give it a menacing appearance.  It angrily digs its singular massive tooth into the concrete, tearing out chunks as if it were tearing apart flesh of some poor hapless bison.  The very ground quivers across the entire JR HI/HS basement floor, the walls vibrating as if in terror that they too could be next. This beast eagerly gnaws through concrete and steel, grinding them into bits of tasty morsels that it happily devours and then casually tosses the remains into the motorized wheelbarrow.  The old concrete risers upon which bands and choirs stood in ages past don't stand a chance with this relentless monster.  It vows not to stop until the horrible dusty, dirty, grimy, deed is done!  (Photos and article by John Fast)

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